Chen Changxing taught advanced internal kung fu to Yang Luchan. Yang Luchan passed the knowledge on to his sons Yang Ban Hou and Yang Chien Hou. The Yang method of teaching the art was passed on and further refined by Chien Hou’s son Yang Cheng Fu. Yang Cheng Fu’s eldest son Yang Sau Chung learnt his father’s art and kept it alive through his first disciple Ip Tai Tak, second disciple Chu Gin Soon and third disciple Chu King Hung. My Sifu, Master Ding, learnt the art from all of Yang Sau Chung’s disciples and became the 1st disciple of Ip Tai Tak. 

This truly magnificent art of Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan that has given so much to millions, has survived for centuries through the dedication of a talented few. May it last for centuries more. Let’s all work hard for the art.


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